Apple in her hand, mirror on the wall,

not queen of herself but queen of them all,

wanted to be loved, but her heart grew small.


Lied to herself and lied to the king,

but more she lied for everything.

Was it too high or was it too low,

was it ever light before she became doomed to fall?


The crown on her head, flowers in her hair,

used to be full of life, but life got in her way,

now she has made them all obey.


Fled from herself once she found out what she became

and never let light into her heart again.

As life made her suffer and people revenge,

now she's full of hatred, but nothing has changed.


The dagger in her hand, a window for her call,

queen of herself but never queen of them all.

All she wanted was love, now she's ready for the fall.