Writing, reading, musical lyrics, songs, books, stories, words - all those things have always been a big love and support in my life but it was only recently that I started to become more serious about writing and not only creating the stories but also sharing them. As a result, I'm including some of my shorter works with you.

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Other things I'm currently working on include some novels, short films, a couple of web serieses, and a short story collection about paintings (Don't worry, it's more interesting than just descriptions of what you see, I promise.) as well as some other creative stuff I hope to finish some day. So keep an eye out for them!

Short Stories

A little sneek peek story from my "The Story Behind" collection: A Music Lesson


Nach dem Winter - A little story about the small light that's still possible after it's been the darkest of times. (German)

Warten auf Frühling - A story about the ambivalence of spring. At least for snowmen. (German)


Brighter Darkness - A fairy tale story in poetic form...

Regina - Well, I confess: it's about one of my favourite characters from the TV show 'Once Upon a Time'...


Du willst nicht, was du willst - Literal translation: You don't want what you want. (German)