The Art of Finding Back

It took me a few years to come back to this but thanks to a job that feels like the most mind and soul destroying waste of time, I suddenly craved to draw something and I dug out my sketch pad and pencils and started - with the help of friends. Because, even though I can say that I am not the worst artist around, I feel pretty blank when it comes to inspiration for what to draw. Thanks to friends who provided me with "inspiration words" that I turned into drawings, doodles, or paintings, I found myself enjoying creating a picture again. I did take me some years but I guess there always comes a moment, no matter how bad it seems or how stuck you feel, that proves to be kind of heaven-sent and the right time to find yourself doing something.


 Somehow in the same way, this is how I am looking for a new job now. (Yes, still the one that supports you financially or otherwise you'll be screwed.) 

I kind of became comfortable where I had been the last year: the pay wasn't too bad, shifts could be flexible enough because we had been an awesome (though small) team, and our Team Manager was a dream. And especially during and the time after I lost my Kitty, this team was there for me.

Unfortunately - or maybe at the right time? - the high bosses decided to make this my great, and very knowledgeable team redundant, from almost literally one day to the other. A friend and me got lucky enough to get a new job on the same floor, but as we had to find that new job hasn't really been a dream at all, and unfortunately myself, I guess it's not even exaggerated to say my body and soul (and especially my immune system it seems) hasn't been the best since starting there, hence the need and urge to move onto new fields, meaning for myself back to where my passions lie: the arts, language, history. Being creative.

I'm still searching, but that alone makes me feel better already; the thought and prospect alone to be happy at work again.


Personally at least, I think I might finally be. Happy. Despite bad days, bad memories, some drastic ups and downs, I don't see the future as a bad and dark hole but something cosy and safe where I feel good trusting someone. It's looking good now. 



But to get back to the purpose of this post: below a few of my recent drawings, some of them commissions for friends, some others as sort of practice - as I mentioned above: it's been a while. (Most of them are made with watercolour (pencils) and/or ink drawing pens, both things I haven't used before.

I hope you enjoy having a look at them as much as I had while creating them.


If you're interested in the finished drawings, you can find them HERE



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