The week of the Gemini

Day 4. And again, I'm feeling different than yesterday. Not as strange, but still a bit unsure.



There is a quote about Gemini: "A Gemini's mood can change in just a blink of an eye." 



I've always thought, Gemini is the perfect sign for me because in many ways it's true what people say about them. But never did I feel so mind-changing like in the last few days. And today, I woke up to a clear, blue sky, and I felt good. I could imagine myself living here in London, though when I come to really think about the reality, I'm still not entirely sure about it. 


So, instead of torturing my head by thinking about my future to much I went to the City smiling and in anticipation to visit my beloved Thames again. Water always makes me feel free and happy. And when I got off the bus, where did I find myself after a couple of minutes? At the Borough Market in Southwark! Guys, so many delicious smells and flavours! Additionally, with the Christmas spirit around it's looking even more appetising. 

So of course, what's a photo-nerd doing when she's on a little sightseeing tour?



So, here are some of today's snapshots. Including food and some more Christmas decorations :)


xx Carolyn


P.S.: One of the most beautiful things about London, in my opinion, is contrast. On the one side, you have a hundreds-of-years-old Tower, and almost next to it are glass covered faces of 21st-century-buildings. 

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