The week of the Gemini

Day 4. And again, I'm feeling different than yesterday. Not as strange, but still a bit unsure.


There is a quote about Geminis: "A Gemini's mood can change in just a blink of an eye." 


I've always thought, Gemini is the perfect sign for me because in many ways it's true what people say about them. But never did I feel so mind-changing like in the last few days. And today, I woke up to a clear, blue sky, and I felt good. I could imagine myself living here in London, though when I come to really think about the reality, I'm not still not entirely sure about it. 


So, instead of torturing my head by thinking about my future to much I went to the City smiling and in anticipation to visit my beloved Thames again. Water always makes me feel free and happy. And when I got off the bus, where did I find myself after a couple of minutes? At the Borough Market in Southwark! Guys, so many delicious smells and flavous! Additionally, with a Christmas spirit around it making it look even more appetising. 

So of course, what's a photo-nerd doing when she's on a little sightseeing tour?



So, here are some of today's snapshots. Including food and some more Christmas decorations :)


xx Carolyn


P.S.: One of the most beautiful things about London, in my opinion, is contrast. On the one side, you have a hundreds-of-years-old Tower, and almost next to it are glass covered faces of 21st-century-buildings. 

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