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Hi, I'm Carolyn! Nice to meet you, and I hope you enjoy your stay here!

You will find my CV, my experiences so far, current stuff I'm working on, and some things more.


Well, what is there to know about me. I'm an actress, a writer, a photographer, a cat-mummy, a proud vegetarian, a huge bookaholic with the dream of an own library, and a lover of everything old and vintage.


I think acting, writing, painting - every art in generel actually - is a wonderful way to escape reality, and by that creating dreams which become new realities. The many possibilities to entering worlds with breath-taking magic, funny heroes, good-looking villains, never-ending love stories, and whatever else that's running through our crazy minds sometimes. And for me, acting in particular is like living those stories and characters I adore so much when reading. 


I guess whoever finds their way to this little site knows what I'm trying to say...


So, enjoy, read, sing, dance, and play around as much as you like. But never forget to keep dreaming. Never mind sounding cheesy sometimes. Cheers!


xx Carolyn





Latest News

The Art of Finding Back

It took me a few years to come back to this but thanks to a job that feels like the most mind and soul destroying waste of time, I suddenly craved to draw something and I dug out my sketch pad and pencils and started - with the help of friends. Because, even though I can say that I am not the worst artist around, I feel pretty blank when it comes to inspiration for what to draw. Thanks to friends who provided me with "inspiration words" that I turned into drawings, doodles, or paintings, I found myself enjoying creating a picture again. I did take me some years but I guess there always comes a moment, no matter how bad it seems or how stuck you feel, that proves to be kind of heaven-sent and the right time to find yourself doing something.


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